Post-graduate courses

This level of training involves additional study or continuing education, with a certificate issued at the end of the course. Further training is a deepening activity for the student and provides a positive impetus to the work environment or community in which the person is active. 
Practical-theological services
A postgraduate programme offers the opportunity to further specialise in specific and practical applications after obtaining the Bachelor's degree in Theology and Religious Studies. To this end, a focused pastoral pathway can be outlined, after which a certificate designates this specific training in practical theology. This pathway includes both general theological and practical skills. This retraining or in-service training can focus on specific pastoral care in church community (deacon, pioneer) or prison, hospital, air and sea port (chaplain) or youth and formation work. To follow this postgraduate course, one must enrol and consequently have the necessary prior education or equivalent. 
Lifelong learning
It is also possible to deepen one's theoretical knowledge of theology and religious studies by attending modules and seminars.

This lifelong learning is free. To this end, one registers as a free student. 
Postgraduate and lifelong learning also provide access to the online modules made available by FPTR.
For more information, contact the faculty.

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