FPTR is fully committed to the digitisation of its study offerings. 
Through the globally used 'Moodle platform', the faculty offers modules 'remotely' that can be studied by anyone independently and at their own pace.

Each module consists of 10 lessons, which are guided remotely. This means that questions can be put to the supervising lecturer,
assignments have to be handed in and there is an assessment of each part.
Upon completion of the digital course with a satisfactory result, a certificate is issued for the module taken.

The digital modules are open to everyone, regardless of prior education, and can be taken separately. The level of the courses offered is academic bachelor, in line with the faculty's 'classical' study offer.

Students choose one or more modules, depending on their interests and available time. There are three times in the academic year when a course can be started (the faculty uses a 'semester system'): in September and in January. Students then have four to five months to complete a module. A third option is to take one (or more) module(s) in the summer.   

Specifically, this involves the following periods:

- Period 1: start last week of September - end third week of January
- Period 2: start last week of January - end third week of June
- Period 3: start 1 July - end third week of September

There are currently modules available and efforts are underway to expand this number. 

For an overview of the digital modules, see below.
For an explanation of how E-Learning works in practice, see below.
You can register directly for one or more modules:



Overview of digital modules

A full list of the modules can be found in this section.
The number of credits and cost is also indicated.
The system of credits and "the falling cost model" is explained.


Practical information

How does E-Learning work?
How can I register?
How does the digital platform work?


Any questions...?

If there are any questions regarding the digital courses, 
please feel free to get in touch!

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