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The study of theology and religious studies is structured according to the BAMA structure

3 years Bachelor (180 credits)
2 years Master (120 credits) 





The undergraduate programme amounts to 180 credits. The student can complete up to 1/3 of the credits to be obtained with elective modules. These elective modules can be taken at FPTR or at another recognised university education institution. For a detailed structure, see 'Bachelor'.
The master's degree consists of two parts. The first year lays the theoretical foundation of academic continuing studies in theology and religion. This amounts to 60 credits and includes a master's thesis. The second year of the master's programme, the student chooses a major depending on his or her career choice. One chooses from 'Pastorate', 'Teaching' or 'Research'. Each major includes specific subject areas and internships. Both the Pastoral Master's, Educational Master's and Research Master's are 60 credits and are completed with an applied thesis of the master's thesis made earlier.
The undergraduate and graduate programmes are officially recognised and accredited.   
The following graduate programmes are offered:
Pastoral Master: prepares the student for the ministry of pastor and/or minister of special chaplaincy services
Educational Master: prepares the student for a career in secondary education 
Research Master: prepares the student for a doctoral research and academic career



Each part of the study can also be taken separately.
The FPTR offers the opportunity to any interested person to take one or more subjects.
Upon favourable completion of a module, a certificate is awarded for the part passed. 
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THE FPTR has already started digitising its courses in 2018, so that access to the FPTR's study offerings can now be opened with a simple mouse click. 
The offer is constantly being expanded.
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