Doctoral program


The PhD in Theology and Religious Studies focuses entirely on academic research. The candidate submits a thorough research project to the Academic Council, being the professors and lecturers of the faculty. After approval, the Academic Council appoints a supervisor, after which the student can start his research. 
The FPTR provides a stimulating learning environment, taking into account the student's capabilities and needs. From the start, a clear route is outlined as well as a time plan. During the research, supervisor and student are in regular contact. The supervisor undertakes to keep his/her finger on the pulse methodologically and linguistically, but also in terms of literature and the use of empirical research data, and to support the PhD student in this.

During the PhD research and as the results take shape, the PhD student will be asked to lead seminar meetings or give a public lecture. This is with a view to clearing difficulties and with the aim of stimulating academic debate on the subject of the research and integrating the critical needs of an educated audience during the finishing phase. 
Once the doctoral thesis is ready, the supervisor, in consultation with the Academic Council, appoints a jury. This jury is chaired by the dean and includes two specialists in the relevant research area in addition to the supervisor. The supervisor is in charge of the composition of the jury. The members concerned then go through the thesis and provide comments. Once the student has reviewed the entire text editorially and the supervisor gives his approval, the date for a public defence is set. If this takes place successfully, the career of the brand-new PhD in Theology and Religious Studies begins. 
To submit research projects, contact the dean.

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